iPhone dictation using Dictamus from Jotimi – Iphone dictation

iPhone dictation using Dictamus from Jotimi – Iphone Dictation:

The iPhone dictation app, Dictamus from Jotomi turns your iPhone into a digital recorder.  But not just a regular digital recorder.  Riding on your cellular network or WiFi


connection, dictation files created with Dictamus on the iPhone can be transferred to your desktop with the Dropbox integration feature.

Some features of the Dictamus Iphone Dictation App are: iOS

Dictate + Connect’ unique functionality:

  • Rewind, overwrite, insert
  • Instant dictation controls
  • Precise voice activation
  • Intuitive, easy to understand user interface
  • Lots of sharing methods (E-mail, download, FTP, WebDAV, SFTP, Dropbox, box, etc.)
  • Completely automatable sharing
  • AES-128 enrcryption
  • MP4/AAC, WAV, and AIFF format
  • Barcode scanner
  • Move and delete sections in a dictation
  • Record in the background (no phone calls)
  • Bookmarks in dictations

Using Dictamus with Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2

Medical users of the Dictamus iPhone Dictation App can also send their audio files to Dragon Medical Practice Edition loaded to their desktop computer.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition can then output a draft document to be corrected and then printed or send to an EMR System.

iPhone Dictation Applications

iPhone Dictation applications are becoming more and more popular for those who want to use their iPhone as a dictation device.

The iPhone

Use your iPhone as a digital recorder

Traditionally dictators would purchase a digital recorder from manufactures such as Philips, Sony, Olympus or Grundig in order to record their voice for transcription by a transcriptionist or via speech recognition.

Now with iPhone dictation applications, users can use their iPhone as a digital voice recorder.

iPhone dictation applications work in 2 different ways.  We’ll discuss how these applications work and their features and then start to review the different applications that are available.


iPhone as a digital voice recorder:  Running an iPhone dictation application for use as a digital recorder gives the device a record button,  fast forward button, rewind button and save button. By tapping the record button a user can dictate directly to the microphone in the iPhone. Depending on the dictation application there are many other features of the dictation application, such as file name manipulation, file transfer and file routing.

Depending on which application you choose, file names can be edited to give a unique name to them or user can set custom file name parameters such as file name prefix, date, time and user names.  Once the audio file is created, it has be moved off of the iPhone to be sent to an independent transcriptionist, a transcription service or to a PC for transcription via speech recognition or playback as a voice note/reminder.

File transfer is where an iPhone as a dictation machine has an advantage over a traditional voice recorder because the iPhone is connected to the internet.  A traditional digital recorder will have to be connected to a computer, the audio file transferred to the computer and then uploaded to the internet.   iPhone dictation applications can compress and transfer files to anywhere from the car, home, office, airport or anywhere there is a good 3G or 4G connection.